Maintenance of a building depends upon building design, material specification and access provisions. It is necessary to make sure that the leak proof performance of a building is not compromised. Preventive maintenance of Pre engineered buildings should be carefully checked that waste and small items such as screws, pop rivets, drill bits or any ferrous object are removed by sweeping with a soft nylon brush.

Safety solution should be taken for problems:


  • Problems of leakage may arise due to the difference between profiles of sheets. If metal sheets are purchased from two different roofing sheets manufacturers, then there will be problem of leakage.

  • The water leakage problem is also due to the gap between the lapping. Hence to overcome this problem use of adhesive sheets between the gaps can be a best method as all the gaps are fully closed, water leakage problem get solved.

  • The problem of leakage is also due to improper drilling during fixing of nuts and screws so drilling should be done properly with perfect size in order to avoid such problems.

  • Good painting should be provided in order to avoid corrosion effect.

  • Components at higher level should be painted well and then erected.


Regular maintenance is an important factor to maximize the life of PEB,s. Maintenance depend upon the locality and environment of the building. Pre engineered buildings areas with moisture and dry climate requires proper care than in mild and less populated industrial areas.