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Supertech, with its strong presence, is India’s most preferred company in its field. This is due to several factors including Supertech’s state of the art and modern manufacturing facilities, project handling capability, inhouse design and support team. We would also like to highlight that everything that goes into the Pre-engineered building is manufactured in-house under one roof. Thus giving us better control on delivering projects on time.
Supertech designs solutions to satisfy their clients’ needs. Our engineering strengths enable us to optimize complex building designs into efficient building solutions to suit our customer’s needs. Reliable with the values of Supertech, the company has been striving to infuse a set of core values within the organization. The core values are:


Quality is the hallmark of a products designed and manufactured by Supertech. The brand is respected in the market by virtue of quality, reliability and dependability built into the products and services provided by Supertech.
Supertech is an ISO certified company and practices the following quality checks to continuously improve its processes, procedure and products.

• To ensure quality, all products are passed through stringent quality checks in all the stages of manufacturing.

• An established quality management system which continuously seeks to improve itself satisfies the relevant national and international quality management system requirements.

• Source of material is certified to ensure consistency in quality. The production team with the use of advanced equipment and highly skilled manpower converts these in to superior products.


Our custom designed steel buildings are created according to your needs, speed of construction and cost efficiency.

Design and Engineering

Supertech is an ISO 9001 certified company for design and manufacture of Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems and Structures.

• State-of-art technology is used for detailed design which is at par with international building design standards. All the buildings are designed using the most advanced metal building softwares.

• All buildings are manufactured using the latest automated cutting and welding equipments.


We work efficiently to achieve the highest standards of quality on time delivery in providing a maintenance free building.


The buildings and other structures are constructed according to the Indian Standards for applicable load. They are constructed in accordance with the latest editions of the following codes:
• Low-rise buildings system manual- Metal Building manufacturers association Inc, U.S.A.
• Manual for Steel Construction, allowable stress design- American Institute of steel construction Inc, USA.
• Cold- formed steel design manual- American Iron and Steel Institute, USA.
• IS 800:2007 IS 875


Safety is a prime concern at Supertech. We follow the best engineering and safety practices in all our activities whether it is manufacturing, transportation, erection.


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Supertech (India) Pvt Ltd has been an industry leader and spokesperson when it comes to manufacturing and construction of pre-engineered buildings and runs various mindshare communities for the influencers in the industry.
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