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Crane systems in building: There are various types of crane systems used in industry for various purposes such as EOT overhead crane, Overhung/under-slung crane system, Monorail crane system etc.
Mezzanine systems in Buildings: The standard Supertech mezzanine framing system consists of a steel deck supported by joists framed onto main mezzanine beams. The economy of a mezzanine system is affected by the applied loads (dead, live and collateral) and mezzanine column spacing. Consult a Supertech representative for advice on the most economical mezzanine design.


  • The Mezzanines are erected with the main frames, generally prior to sheeting.

  • The mezzanines beams are first installed by connecting to the columns with clips and high strength bolts.

  • The joists are then placed between the beams and connected with clips and mild steel bolts. An edge angle is then screwed at the perimeter of the mezzanine area, prior to laying and screwing the decking panels.

  • The decking panels re attached by 32mm self drilling fasteners without washers. Openings for stairs and penetrations are framed before fixing the concrete reinforcement.

  • It is important to advise the concreting crew about placement of concrete, particularly if a pump is to be used. The concrete should be evenly spread, concentrated piles of wet concrete could cause deflection in joists of decking.

Crane Beams

  • Alignment of crane beams is very important, the centres of the crane beam webs should be equal to the centres of the crane wheels, with maximum tolerance. Alignment is achieved by setting each end of the beam to the correct dimension and stretching a line from end to end, alternately, a theodolite can be used if available.

  • The crane beam brackets have slotted holes to assist in ease of alignment, if the building has been carefully plumbed, adjustment will be minimal. During alignment install the “T” brackets and shim plates, and install the angle braces form column to beam. Finally once alignment is confirmed, the bolts are fully tightened.