peb company in india

We are heading into a new age of speed building construction, an era where if you go over for the weekend and return, you find a brand new sky scraper. Imagine the relief you will get when you suddenly realize that you have been spared yearlong noises of truck horns, pounding hammers, drilling machines and screaming laborers. PEB, as pre-engineered buildings have been around for a long time, but they have taken off in India only over the last few years.

PEB structure consist of a complete steel formed building system in which components are pre-designed to fit together in a vast variety of combinations in order to meet the unique requirement of specific end-users.


In India, especially the PEB’s construction has always been preferred in manufacturing sector. But over the time the usage of PEB’s has grown in construction projects across micro and macro projects for private, corporate, government and institutional use.


Growth opportunities


  • Through recent news that PEB has been generating awareness about its features is changing the mass mindset in accepting PEB’s over conventional buildings.
  • The commercial building sector in India is estimated to reach a target of 20.44 billion square feet by 2030. The Auto industry in India is also on a growth ride in which PEB Manufacturers in India are getting enormous business opportunities in setting up automobile facility.
  • The environmentally friendly feature of PEB Structure attract green minded folks due to its recycle material ability along with its highly energy efficient quality.
  • The PEB concept is based on a proper design which involves a through project information data including complete details like steel grade, secondary members, paint coat, anchor bolts steel grade, insulation, fascia, mezzanine, ridge ventilators etc.


In China, succession of high rise buildings was erected in a Chinese company. It raised a 15-storey hotel in six days and a 30-storey hotel in just two weeks in Changsha.


Lot of questions is raised worldwide on the safety and efficiency of these Pre-engineered buildings for example: Is it easy to maintain a pre-engineered steel building?


What type of materials is used in Pre-engineered building construction?


So, it must be noted that these buildings are tested at some of the largest earthquake –testing platform for magnitude 9 seismic resistance.