Man has always been indulging in building undertaking ever since evolution applying latest and modern technology in construction to provide cost effective, durable and fast buildings while the current generation of the human brains are Peb Structure Buildings.

By using pre-engineered steel building customers could take a fifth off the cost and two thirds off the time to get a new warehouse constructed and running. With this on offer it’s become a popular choice, the world-over.


How safe and time saving is the peb structures compared to concrete structure? 

Supertech uses modern design tools that are compatible with the latest building codes for all buildings. Most modern equipment is used in erection practices to ensure safe and timely completion of projects.


How has the global economic slowdown affected PEB Industry?


Due to its various advantages, awareness and acceptance of PEBs is growing in developing countries. The PEB market in India is continuing to grow at a steady percentage. Hence, it does not seem that global economic slowdown has affected PEB Manufacturing Companies.


What is the overview of pre engineered steel buildings sector in India?


As more and more customers are appreciating the benefits of PEBs, competition is also growing with new entrants finding it an attractive proposition. This shift has created a demand for experienced Peb Manufacturers in India providing several employment opportunities.


Finally, steel construction goods are made of recycled steel. No less than 60% of steel structures are recycled steel, which make it particularly a cost-effective and environment friendly alternate to any other construction.