The use of steel structures in a building is not only economical but also Eco-friendly when there is a threat of global warming. Time is the most important aspect when it comes to Prefabricated Buildings, as it is built in very short period. In Pre Engineered buildings, the total design is done in the factory, and as per the design the members are prefabricated and transported to the site where they are erected in a time less than 6 to 8 weeks.

Steel structures have much better strength-to-weight ratio than RCC which can also be easily dismantled. Pre Engineered Buildings can be shifted or expanded according to the requirements in future.

Having numerous Advantages of Structural steel building below are process and components used in Pre Engineered Buildings:

Primary Framing

These are the structural elements which transfer load to the foundation and comprises of Endwall frames. These frames are complemented by anchor bolts, wind bracing if required.


Secondary Framing

Secondary framing consists of Roof Purlins, Wall Girts, Eave Struts, and Clips etc. which support the roof and wall sheeting and help in the load of primary framing.

Design Software

The latest software that is used for design is STAAD Pro, STEEL Pro, Autocad etc.

Analysis and Design of PEB

Presently, Staad Pro software is used to analyze and design Pre Engineered Building Structure. It gives Bending Moment, Axial Forces, Torsion, Beam Stresses so that the design can be done using tapered sections.

The software has an option for hinged, fixed, spring support so as to analyze as per our requirement. Multiple analyses can be done simultaneously which reduces the time.


Application of Pre Engineered Buildings:

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Showrooms
  • Offices
  • Indoor Stadiums
  • Parking Lots and many more….


Prefabricated Steel Building offers low cost, strength, durability, flexibility and recyclability. Recyclable in nature, steel is the material which reflects the imperatives of sustainable development. Hence Pre Engineered Building Construction give users a much more economical and better solution for long span structures where large column areas are needed.