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Primary Framing System

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Our engineering strengths enable us to optimize complex building design into efficient building solutions to suit our customer’s needs. Our primary framing consists of all structural elements which transfer load to the foundation and comprises of Endwall frames Endwalls are constructed with either economical bearing frames or rigid frames.

These frames are complemented by wind bracing, connection bolts, anchor bolts if required.Wind Bracing: It consists of cross-bracing located in the side walls and roof in one or more bays depending on the type of load and the length of the building.

Crane Brackets: The crane brackets are the members holding up the cranes beams. The crane brackets in a primary framing system are attached to the columns which carry the load of the crane beams.

Our basic architectural measures include Building width: The building width is defined as the distance from outside of eave strut of one sidewall to outside of strut of the opposite sidewall. Building Length: The distance between the outside flanges of endwall columns in opposite endwall is considered the building length. Building length is a combination of several bay length. End bay length: It is the distance from outside of the outer flange of endwall columns to center line of the first interior frame columns

Interior bay length: It is the distance between the center lines of two adjacent interior main frame columns.


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