G-1, Sector 11, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Secondary framing consists of Roof Purlins, Wall Girts, Eave Struts, Clips etc which support the roof and wall sheeting and help in the load of primary framing

Roof Purlins: Roof purlins are C or Z shape cold form structured components with variable depth and thickness in accordance with the customized designs. These are fixed to the top flanges of the rafters with the help of clips bolted to the rafters, and the purlin web bolted to the clips which are connected in a continuous fashion and spacing.

Wall Girts: The wall girts are cold formed Z shape members, consisting of various thickness and variable depth depending upon the design. The wall girts plays a vital role in the secondary framing systems, which form the pre-engineered structure combined with the primary framing systems and the connectable sheeting. These are fixed to the outer flange of the side wall columns with the help of clips bolted to the column and girt web bolted to the clips.