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Specialised Structural Steel Fabrication

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Specialized Structural Steel Fabrication

Supertech design and supplies customized workshop fabricated hot rolled and welded structures, for use in Power Plants, Metro and Rapid rail, stadiums, oil and gas sector, Petrochemical Industry, Commercial and Residential high rise Buildings, Airport terminal Buildings, Ports and various other specialized structures.

Our innovative, flexible and cost effective processes allow a great degree of expression and creativity for architects of designers without neglecting functional demands.

Modern applications of steel have seen it take a prominent place in the aesthetic and structural makeup of a building.

Supertech favors Workshop Fabrication of structural steel which definitely has many advantages in comparison to the traditional method of on-site Fabrication.

Workshops made steel structures are more efficient in terms of quality, uniformity of finish, minimal wastage and meeting timelines thereby reducing cost, production time and labour cost. Large infrastructure of industry projects are time bound and with a shift to workshop fabrication they are being executed much faster resulting in cost savings.

Supertech India pre-engineered metal buildings are custom-designed and optimized in order to meet customer’s needs and exact requirements. Our pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are designed to provide maximum space utilization with highest safety standards and excellent strength. These buildings are malleable enough to suit different building dimensions which are easily expandable have maintenance free exteriors and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Our pre-engineered buildings are suitable for commercial and industrial sector which includes factories,warehouses, workshops, aircraft hangars, cold storages, stadiums, supermarkets or any other high-rise buildings.


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Supertech (India) Pvt Ltd has been an industry leader and spokesperson when it comes to manufacturing and construction of pre-engineered buildings and runs various mindshare communities for the influencers in the industry.
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