steel structure

Specialized Steel Structure Fabrication is one of the well-designed pre-engineered  metal building structures, made from organized combination of structural steel members designed to carry loads in order to provide adequate rigidity. Customization of these structures is generally done to match the functional and aesthetic requirement of the complete building system.

Supertech design and supplies customized workshop fabricated hot rolled and welded structures, for use in Power Plants, Metro and Rapid rail, stadiums, oil and gas sector, Petrochemical Industry, Commercial and Residential high rise Buildings, Airport terminal Buildings, Ports and various other specialized structures.


Why we should use specialized steel structure?

What are the main features of specialized steel structure?


The main reason behind the emergence of specialized steel structureis the growth of some outstanding and customized designed features which other conventional buildings cannot fulfill. Here are some of the important features of specialized steel structure due to which they are preferred more over other conventional structure:


  • High Versatility: Specialized Steel Structures facilitates freedom of geometry which not only exhibits high level of customization in designing but also shows high versatility in the erection process.
  • High Strength: Structural Steel has high strength to weight ratio, hence it makes steel structure superior among all conventional structure when it is subjected to a force
  • Easy and Fast Process: Erection of steel structure is much easier and faster, due to high precision structural component made in fabrication stage.
  • High Aesthetic: As per current ongoing trend, inner structural strength and versatility is not only limited but also the scope of looking attractive at its best is required, which can be achieved by our specialized steel structure.
  • Invulnerable to corrosion: According to building codes and industry standard steel structure designed should be able to tolerate corrosion or where corrosion may impair strength or serviceability. The resistance property towards corrosion persists in these steel structures providing long term durability.